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Nga libri: "The sounds of waterfalls", poems, Ura , Gjilan 2004


I wish I could be a bird
That would fly in the sky
Passing too many miles
All over the world

And looking from above
To the most beautiful things
That makes you happy
I wish to do that
Without saying a word
Like other birds

Missing You

I wish you were here
In this beautiful day
To watch you
And come close to you
Ask you something
Not everything
Just one thing
But forget it
I'll keep quiet
I'll just close my eyes
And find you in my world
Where you can hold me tight
And won't say a word

I Didnt Know

You flew like a bird
And I didnt know
I looked through my window
Nights and days
Just to see you
And smile
To make me understand
That you are still here
But I heard from the wind
That you headed for somewhere
And youll be back
With you the sunshine
Because you really know
That you are friend of mine

Sevdije Rexhepi
Rain & Sunshine

The sky is blind
And it is crying
With the tears of summertime

Everything is getting wet

But after a while
The sky changed its mind
And decided to send some sunshine
To the other side
Where the friends are

The Breeze

Im sitting by myself
In a white chair
Looking at the blue sky
Following the birds that fly
And when I close my eyes
I feel the breeze of summer time
Embracing my face
Like the waves embrace the sea
And feeding my soul
My world within me

Seasons Oath

From the old time
The spring gave the word
When time will come
It will go away
With beautiful flowers
And it did so
Year after year
Even the summer time followed
The oath of a friend
When it was ready
Left in the end
And the rainy days of autumn
Also preparing to leave
Calling for the winter
Because of the PROMISE they saying
Can you believe

The beat

My heart is beating
With the same rhythm
Like the music
Its going slow
Sometimes fast
But it never stops

Colors of Life

If the sea wasnt blue
It couldnt be a sea
And the nature with beautiful flowers
Couldnt have its beauty
Without different colors
Even when winter comes
With ice and cold
If the snow wasnt white
We could feel bored
Thats why colors fill us
With joy and happiness
And keep us away from sadness
Always gives life to everything
And never takes anything.

How much do we love this world

Like in garden
With beautiful flowers
We see this world
In different colors
It doesnt matter
What colors the flower has
Its just to smell it
It is the same with the world
Instead of garden
And people
Instead of flowers
Do you really know
How much do we love this world
When we meet people
Like you, like him, like her
It doesnt matter the color
Just a good heart
And true friend


The dream is like water
When you are thirsty
Or like bread when you are hungry
Like the snow when you feel hot
Or the sun when you feel cold
And like nature when you feel bored
But all this can be 99% lie or illusion
And I wont have confusion
From 100% of everything
Ill keep 1% of something
My dreams

Sounds of Waterfalls

Whenever I get up
On the wrong side of the bed
And the loneliness is my companion
At the first minutes of frankness day
I forget about desperate moments
Right after I open my window
I feel so easily
The sounds of waterfalls in me
Animating my hopes
With wonderful noise
From the natures choice
Ill waitthe nightfall
Then together,
We will fly like birds
Exploring the unknown

With no words


She is a flower that blossoms
In your soul
And in front of your eyes
Youll feel the power of love
Parents Love

Just Another Day

Just another day goes by
Easily like when you close your eyes
Faster than when the wind blows
And you embrace it tenderly
The coming sunrise
With wonderful dreams
And hopes
That the next day
Youll enjoy every minute of your time
And feeling the sunbeam
Through your heart
In the coldest time
Being happy and ready
Handing this day over
To the blessing night
And shining stars
In the endless sky

Let Me Be the Air

In the deepest greenwood
Where is dark from the trees
And much more darker
For their leaves
Ill use my efforts
To find a nest
And there
Ill hide my dreams
That nobody could see
Ill try to be a bird
To fly away from the freshness night
And moonlight
Far away from any event
That future can bring to me
Because to sing in this season I cant
So let me be just the air
And Ill blow everywhere

Blubbered Little Friend

Where is your childish smile
In that little face?
What has this unmerciful time done to you?
Instead of warm bed and good dreams
I see you there, in the coldest night
I find you here, where is no light
When I look at you
With tears welled in your eyes
Burn my heart
And my soul
Because I cannot do more

How to understand
That you are alone
In this big world
Let me wipe away
Those innocent tears
Running down your cheeks
Never a hello from nobody
No cheers for New Year
Give me both your hands
And have this friendly love that I feel

Where Is the Line?!

When you see the star sparkle
Its unforgettable that splendor in the sky
You would love to reach it
And hold it
Its impossible
Even for a moment of your time
But you wont give up
Youll try to go that far
And find the pathway
That makes visions survive
Just imagine and make a chain of words
Which will be the circle of possibilities
And in the middle of it
You will be a dream
That flies to high like a free bird
With the winners song
Because somehow and someway
You achieved to be a part
Of that beauty above


We were counting our steps desperately
On the edge of the abyss
When the dreams were terrified
For a moment it was no hand
A strong hand to cradle
The happy colors of life
We were blind
Because they stole the sunlight
And that evil spirit
Swallowed the white hope
Pieces by pieces
Unmercifully spread around
The storm of misery
For you and me
But the Angels that watched from above
LEND A HAND and we flied together
Exhausted but still alive
We survived

Go Gently

Like in autumn
When the leaves fell down
Go smooth with a time
Dont be sad
Even when its cloudy
And you feel thats going to rain
Remember go gently
Its no need to explain
When you walk out
Just close your eyes and imagine
Its all white and its freezing
And you see flakes everywhere
Please go gently its icy
Or you wont get anywhere.

With You

Every day
When the sunshine wakes me up
And whispers to me a sweet word
I know
It will be a good morning
And there wont be left a place for longing
For moments without you
Ill live with flowers
For some hours
Until I see you here
With you I have no fear
In the deepest night
Ill feel all right
Sometimes I hate the sun
Because you take my dream
And run
But when I open my eyes
For my surprise
A note from you
Ill be here again
Because I love you

Feeling Wonderful

With a hope of tomorrow
Im living today
The moments
Which time granted for me
Enjoying the stars
Deep in the quiet thoughts
Searching for the right answer
Is it me that shines
With beautiful light
That I took on the sly
From the moonlight
Or Im feeling wonderful
With my world that lives in me
Im thinking
Nice feeling
Everything is bright
This summer night

Snow Moments

In a corner of my life
Where my inside world resides
I looked back
And revived again
The happy moments we had once
But now disappeared
Like snowflakes in my hand
Without yours
Not anymore
Melting the snow moments
With our games
And the warmth of our hearts
Everything that we built
We tore apart

Smell of the Rain

Its raining
And I am all wet
But I cant change my clothes yet
Maybe I dont want to
Even if I could
Because I like
The smell of the rain.

Blessed By the Stars

Like a flower
A soul always flourishes
In their hearts
Embracing with care
Each minute of your being
Even through the fights
They love you unconditionally
And you feel all right
No matter how old youll be
Or how far youll fly
In that blue sky
Youll always shine
You are godsend star
Blessed with parents love

Just a Pantomime

Sleeping for so long
In the desert
No oasis, no hope
I forgot the way
How to climb there
And feed my spirit
With nectar of time
Your eyes
Candled the world inside me
And opened the door
Of the forgotten castle
With treasured histories
It was no voice
Just a pantomime
But the chain of words
That flied around
Inspired the will
As a mirror
Regain the reflection
To move on
Towards eternity

Twilight Zone

Somewhere deep in my dream
A wide opened field
My eyes sparkling with joy
In that world
Where nobody can steal
The colored moments
I enjoyed
With no fear
Nobody was awaken
Just me and the silence
In my twilight zone
I saw you
There at the windmill
In blue

Three Stars
(Dedicated to Brothers Bytyqi)

The ocean
Between life and hope
You flew
With strong wings
Faster than the wind
In this end
Where bravery never died
For centuries
When everything was breaking apart
Even the world of a little child
You felt anger in your hearts
And flew here to the land
Where eagles grow
In every season
To bring colors of life

Tell me
Who stole your dreams
And gave them to hungry wolves
Never gave back to whom belong
The silent nights of two sides
Stars that shines in legend
Living within us
Today and forever

River of thoughts

As a river
The thoughts flows perpetually
Every minute of my being
Im a good sailor
Even when the storms begin
Disturbing the quiet sea
Wanting to scare the day
And chase the seagulls
Im strong than ever
With a wavelet
Which cradles the dreams
Keeps my spirit alive
Always shed some light
In the deepest night
Im not alone
With beautiful colors of sunrise
I paint the world
With love and hope
Every new day
Is a gift from above

Natures Symphony

By the beautiful season
Im walking through the wind
Disheveling my hair
With a mothers care
For a moment
I look around and see
Everything is dancing with me
With the summer melody
Even the trunk of that tree
The oldest member
Of natures family
Its part of this symphony
Being member of this view
Its so wonderful
As my dreams blossom
I see through the line
If we search the pathway
We are never alone

The unforgettable waltz

Flying easily
With those light wings
In a garden with beautiful flowers
You breathe with happy colors
Here is the queen
Which I have always seen
And I am
Your guardian angel
Following the steps of the unforgettable waltz
From your corner to mine
Right here in my hands
Im waiting for you to stop by
And hold you for a while
Ill say Hi
Even I wont get a reply
Because I know
As a dream youll disappear
But hoping to come back again
In this wonderful day
I would give up anything in the world
If you could say me a world

So beautifully blue

My dream
Your love is
Embracing tenderly
The quiet sea
Blissful and blue
Flying in the endless sky
And coming back so easily
In our hearts
Everything is blue
In this serenity
Your eyes, my eyes
Even our dream
So wonderful
So beautifully blue

If the dreams fly away

Be silent like the night
When in your arms
Ill fall asleep

Then like a child
Youll hold me tight
Ill listen to your heart
Is it beating as mine?

If the dreams fly away
And theyll never come back
In our castle
In our nest
The moments that we had
And the time weve spent

Please dont forget

I was here

When the sun
Was my daily friend
In the summertime
All the kids enjoyed it
Everything was so green
As far as the eyes can see
I was here
Even with rainy days
And falling leaves
I was here

But for a moment
I flew
I was there up in the sky

You were here my friend

Bottle of champagne

In this beautiful day
You came
And opened your heart
Like a bottle of champagne

With the sound
Of two glasses in our hands
We celebrate
The death of a secret

The bloom of something new
This season

Prgatit: Sh. Dibrani

Postoi Shefqet Dibrani


02/11/2009, 14:22:53 Ylli shkruan:

Do te ishte kenaqesi e vecante per mua qe biblioteken time ta zbukuronte vellimi juaj poetik "The sounds of waterfalls"
Zonjusha Sevdije,vargu juaj magjik prek valet e detit si krahet e pulebardhave dhe plot krenari ngjitet maleve te larta perkrah vargut te Longfellow-t.
Atje ne majat e larta ku Longfellow gjurmon drerin,ju takoni vellezerit Bytyqi dhe u beni homazh.
Nderim dhe respekt per ty o bije e shqipes!

Ylli M.Dilo -

25/09/2013, 14:22:43 adela roci shkruan:

very beautiful -

02/11/2013, 09:40:21 sevdije rexhepi shkruan:

o moj ca ben -

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