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The new national and international prospect of the Albanian nation

08. 06. 2009 by Gjon Keka

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(Translation 90% - by google) While Democratic nations and peoples and civilized infratrukturën have managed to build their national and international, nations and peoples in the Balkans is still living with the past and primtivizmin their nacionalizmave the dire and extreme. So, the Balkan countries have remained hostage to internal conflicts and wars and inter pre doctrines of the dark history and failed to scrap it. World and the civilized demokrtaike that after the end of World War II had a way of developing hovshëm economic and development strategy of the other giant who not only passed the national dimensions, but they became part of the developments in modern and papaërsëritshme history of political developments and ekonimike the globe. If you can throw a glance that the world today boasts its achievements we have only to look the way they approach
either in terms of internal processes and geopolitical gjeostrategjike that happened, then we can say that it could of primitivizmit and moszhvillimit outnumber the size of a world where man no longer is part of its makers, but also in the process of major events within the historical process gjithmbarshëm its development. You can get examples tërëheqëse enough that they are not only signs of civilization but also a part of modern developments and gjigandizmi ekonimik that exceeds normal dimensions of achieving the degree of civilization in a complete or even exceeded its examples huge are also signs of major development such as; superstradat or highways in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Italy, Austria, Germany etc..
These countries in the world of civilized and democratic managed to build a modern infrastructure in areas of national service, thus making it easier to order and common international approach, from the development of domestic managed to make about a sustainable infrastructure with the democratic world other countries. The strategy of these countries was obvious in the service of the mirësh the country, region and union goals and making history so that way not only to serve ineresave national but also to be a part of kardiale total international developments.
By not going further in the development of giant infratrukturës the Democratic civilized Western countries, we will focus on historical significance and simbolikën the motorway and the Albanian nation full right goals and regional integration in Euro-Atlantic structures.
In general the processes of development in all spheres in siujdhesën Balkans have not been popular nor hovshme and giddy, this important part of the world and Europe had failed to shuante hasmërit and urrjetjet internal nationalist nor excessive instiktet ruinous. All became part of a theater of war where evil was made part of each State of its doctrine and policy. Historical processes of nations in the Balkans had not elemnte containing rujatjen of their identity, but rather was intended gërshetimin of their hatred of each other from the managed to lose the real sense and orgjinalitetin, because seeking to gllabëronin they reached each other lower stage of the evil animal, and nationalism priu all procesevet to vullkaneve outbreak of ethnic and national calls on the freedom of peoples water
and nations to achieve their national goals.
While now in XXI century Albanian nation is doing the right processes, but also national historic achievement, the construction of the Durres-Kukes road, then membership in NATO, the Albanian state application for Europain Union member state, all these have karkater national, regional and international because a side serving interests and connect the fiber to the Albanian nation weary national while in the other side benefits regionally by agreement connect kultuore and constructive economic, trade, etc., etc., while internationally it would make the Albanian nation as a key factor to links to major historical achievement but also as a European, and international, where an Albanian nation or another would connect the future of his and his vision of modern development processes common Euro-Atlantic and global. Albanian nation would not have aritur up here is not
had the support of the international community particularly the U.S., the processes of the Albanian nation tansihme towards faktorizimit or better to say just making the Albanian nation as an important actor siujdhesës Balkan, procedures and joint international shows clearly that due to international assistance and thanks to qënresës of the Albanian nation in order to persistent processes demoracisaë new and modern economic development, it is the larger project meets its history and its integration into the European family. The success of the Albanian state and Albanians in general related to their efforts for freedom and to be equal as all the peoples of other democratic and modern, but the effort she has made friends relitet dukie paur to mdhenjë that rralë history peoples and nations such as ndodhinë
U.S. other countries in the process of supporting the Albanian nation to develop and planted demorkacinë and freedom in their countries. Can say with full conviction that the whole process of the Albanian nation after lënjes following up on communism and its entry into the transition demorkatike, then entry into NATO, the EU application, and the construction of national road, regional and Durres-Kukes ndërkomëbtare projects are Joint US-international community, respectively, and the Albanian state.
And finally the entire Albanian nation in the XXI century is entered into three important phases of the history of its first meeting in procesve important historical building of a democratic state of law and prosperues, second and modern economic processes, and procesve third rëndëishme integration of its full historical processes in the international community, ie its integration in the common Western values thus integration into the European family. So these processes of this century porcese are important for the Albanian nation because such zvillimet these recent let us know that the Albanian nation has already entered oborrinë of aktërimit common policy and international developments of international simple it is entered in a big mission processes
historic national and international.

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