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Argita as Nexhmie, is leading the state

21. 04. 2009 nga Vëzhguesi

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In an interview several weeks ago, to the German newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", Berisha said, "Nexhmie was the mentor of Enver in the last his 15 years of life. She had the real power..."
If the above paragraph will be changed as the follow: "Argita si the mentor of Berisha in the last 5 years. It has the real power...", certainly we will not exaggerate anything. Everyone already knows, and it is publicly known, that Argita is the author of the configuration of the Berisha government, nominating ministers and Deputy ministers ..., to (finally) the "fat" appointing of the General Director of Customs.

The difference between Nexhmije and Argita is that the first fought for the power, while the second battling for the money. In fact, the history of business relations between Berisha and Argitës emanate earlier. I believe anyone can remember the formular of the property declaring of Berisha, immediately after assuming the power in 2005, saying he had lended money to his daughter Argita... But without passing even six months from that statement, Argita said that she was millionaire in dollars, and money had won working in Kosovo, one year ago. Although that declaring was in contradicton with Berisha's property declaring, no any institution take care to verify the truth, otherwise, Argita emerged as triumpher (then) in television show of government's clown, Blendi Fefvziu.

Interesting is the fact that the informal role of women in Albanian state, is somehow older now, and it is a tradition in the political history of Albania. If you will refer to the past, will see that this tradition was emanated from the time of King Zog, when his sisters (Myzejeni, Ruhi and Maxhidia) did, in fact, the law in the Albanian kingdom.

At the time of communism, as Berisha says, Nexhmie ruled for a long time, before and after the death of Enver.
While in our time, I believe everyone was remembering the powerful role of Xhoana during the rule of the Nano.

However, this is happening now with the "phenomenon Argita" is probably unprecedented in the world. She not only has the "divine" power on Berisha, commanding him (as Nexhmie did with sick Enver and pathetik Ramiz) to make the most extravagante nomination in the government, but unlike Nexhmie, Myzejen, Ruhie, Maxhide and Xhoana, - Argita has purchased (in these 4 years) half of the territory of the country, with Albanians taxpayers' money, which flow by the corruption from the state safe... And she is making all this so quietly and smoothly, as if the "sea is made yogurt", and as all we others are idiots who do not understand anything...

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