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The delay in the recognition of Kosovo

03. 05. 2009 nga Faik Miftari

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(Translation by google - 90%)Spent nearly a full 15 months from the proclamation of independence of Kosovo and its recognition that Saudi Arabia became the 58 states that until now recognized the independence of Kosovo from a total of 192 member states of the power of the United Nations Organization.

There are two main factors that are affecting the delays on recognition of Kosovo's independence, the external and internal factors.

External factor which influences the delay in recognizing Kosovo's independence includes states that have major influence political decision making in the international arena as the SH.BA, Great Britain, France, Russia and China, who with great so direct or indirect impact on the delay for the recognition of independence is when Kosovës.Këtë say I mind pikësëpari in position SH.BA-eggs which have major impact, especially in a number of states in Central America, Asia and the Arab state - Islamic, and that at the moment when certain button press row follows recognition of Kosovo's independence, as was the case with the recent recognition from Saudi Arabia after meeting emisarit of American posaqshëm with Saudi King Abdullah. It argued the fear of SH.BA-ve penetration by "terrorism" by certain circles of the Arab-Islamic, and that the earlier period should last a while to consolidate state institutions and to put under full American control, to to "prevent" any possible threat to American or European security. After printing the buttons by Americans, now would certainly follow the knowledge from other Arab-Islamic states, which are closely allied or American partner such as Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, and so rarely Egjypti . Great Britain, which still has huge political influence in states that were its former colonies, known as British Komonvelti, with the printing of its buttons and scroll may accelerate recognition of Kosovo's independence. Njashtu can operate even France with its strong influence in Africa in the so-called Francophone countries like Tunisia, which are, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Chad, Cameroon, Congo and so rradhë.Në the other side of Russia as a strong opponent of independence Kosovo is of great influence in the prevention of knowledge, which has major impact on përbërse former states of the former Soviet federation, as it were: Azerbejxhani, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgistani, Tajikistan, Bellorusia, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova of Ukraine, who must not threaten its national interests as influential and are still under direct influence rus.Edhe China because of national interests, given the outstanding pikësëparri still politically Tibetin, Taiwan, Sinkjanin, objects and influences in states where there is influence, especially in Asia as it were: North Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vijetnami, Nepali and so rare.

Serbia, taking into account the legacy of strong ties and diplomacy from the time of former Yugoslavia and Titës, as the founding Conference of the states painkuadruara along with India and Egypt, are still influential in certain third world countries, and that in thanks to "shatëll diplomacy," flying to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vuk Jeremic is with great lobbies against Kosovo's independence, which is the major influence in delaying the recognition of Kosovo. Vuk even Jeremiçi even in meetings with diplomats of Islamic states is not quite nguron stress that stems from his grandmother that he is Muslim and the grandson brothers Hamdi and Haki Pozdercit, senior Bosnian leaders during the communist past of the former Yugoslavia.

It must not brush haruar the role of the International Court of Justice in Hag, which are expected during 2010 revealed the final verdict regarding the appeal of Serbia against Kosovo's independence, which although not binding verdict will have an impact on accelerating or delay further recognition of Kosovo's independence.

Factor insider who is influencing the delay of recognizing Kosovo's independence includes the heads of state institutions in Kosovo, President, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is not showing maturity and not have diplomatic sense for diplomatic way of achieving the knowledge and the establishment of full Relations ndërshtetërore.Gjersa Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic time great runs in the plane flown by one corner to another corner of the globe to lobby against the independence of Kosovo, the Kosovar colleague SkenderHyseni prefers his time the largest pass in his office in Pristina. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is committed to recognizing the leader of the AKR z.Behgjet thanks Pacolli which contacts and relations in the world of business by visiting various states throughout the world is providing valuable input in lobbying for recognition of independence Kosovo, and that instead of this Initiative hailed his anashkalohet it considering that the Albanian society is still suffering from the syndrome "bajraktarizmit" inherited from its past.

Prime Minister Hashim Thaqi has shown immaturity with diplomatic statements TIA premature "knowledge about qualitative and quantitative" or "we are more interested we Relations with Israel than Arab countries ebotës" who brings damage Kosovan diplomacy. In Instead of using the current composition realietin absolute religious Muslim Kosovo with over 90% in addition to conversations with the Arab-Islamic states, they more reluctant to stress their religious affiliation, even though we can not escape from reality to which confronting . Unlike his predecessor, former chairman of the late Ibrahim Rugova, who throughout his political philosophy is based on close and Relations meVatikanin, current Prime Minister Hashim Thaqi philosophy of his political bases in the vicinity and Relations with Israel, but is indicative that for the moment neither the Vatican nor Israel have not recognized Kosovo's independence, have not even even even on the agenda this.

In a written analysis of two years mëparë had emphasized that Kosovo will be important every vote and any recognition by the various states for admission to the UN, and as the votes of Qatar or Germany will have the same weight, and that before us will be a long way with lots zikzake to accept Kosovo's independence and its membership in various international bodies and that we should use all possible mechanisms to accelerate the comprehensive recognition of Kosovo's independence, even even , why not, even by states that are described as the "backbone of the evil" such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, etc., who will represent a further step towards increasing the number of large quantitative knowledge, not only those of quality, since in this case, to accept the UN role in Kosovo is the amount of non-key quality of the member states of the UN.

Will finish this political perspective with thënjen known writer and a prominent diplomat bey Faik Konica "This nation does not learn and cultered through the glory, but through criticism"

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