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DP post Berisha VS. DP of Berisha

04. 05. 2009 nga Kritika

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Recently is developing a cold conflict (war) within the DP, which can effect seriously the electoral fate of this party in June parliamentary elections. I'm talkin about the head of the DP, where currently is clearly identified the post Berisha tends of Mrs Topalli.

During an informal comeback in the distance with Lulzim Basha, Mrs. Topalli stated publicly that, "it is a joke that Basha will be the chairman of the DP-s". On the other hand, Basha has called the improper the ambicion of Mrs. Topalli to chairwoman of the DP's.

So we have two different polices within the ruling party, who are facing "quiet" for the head of the DP's. The question is: Who can win?
If we will be referred to early statements of Berisha that he will leave if DP lose the elections, then Topalli has only one chance to capture the leader of the DP-s: the loss of DP in elections! This means that her wide clannish within DP, can vote against this party in the June elections, the necessary condition that the lady in question can win the head of Democratic Party. Although this math sounds rather simple and naive, it should not be ignored, since in Albania the party (parties) continues to be "over all".

On the other hand, a right question may be, why Mrs. Topalli (and her supporters) might vote against DP in these elections, which will bring the loss of power either to her?

While lacks a principled answer to the above question, there may be a practical answer to that. For example, Mrs. Topalli may not feel good in the position she has, and wants more. She sees (eg) that a lame minister as Sokol Olldashi (without grown whiskers) earn much more than her, regardless her state position is much higher.

Or maybe she sees the tendency of the "young Democrats" - Basha, Olldashi etc. - who have direct connection with the Berisha family (and his support), to capture the leader of the DP-s.

Or, she may perceive the loss of DP's in these elections, and gives it the last hend, in function of what Makiaveli calling "the goal justifies the means" - ie to capture the leader of the DP-s.

And finally, whatever is the truth, Mrs. Topalli shoulnd know that a second consecutive term for the DP, would strengthen undisputably the "young Democrats", also within the PD, i.e., the shift of Topalli to the "Greek Quays.

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