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Attention! Berisha's opposition, Christian!

07. 05. 2009 nga Kritika

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This election campaign looks like, somehow already, with a religious battle. And maybe it is a problem that could affect the outcome of elections, because at the end, before cast the ballot, everything weighed and evaluated by the voters.

For example, the Socialist Party, where its chairman, Mr Rama is a Christian, recentely is shown as the number two of the party, Ben Blushi, another Christian, with some radical-fondamentalist Christian vision. Why a controversial figure such as Ben Blushi, who is known that what not civil views (medieval) has for religion and Albanian society, to deploy as the right arm of the socialist chairman? It does not sound very normal, that in a society with a majority Muslim, two Christian to lead the main opposition Party. It creates the impression that Berisha is fought by a Christian alliance, and not by political views, as purportedly in fact happen during an election campaign.

Also recentelly, another Christian figure was placed at the top of the political group "Pole of freedom", Mr Aleksander Meksi. Obviously Mr. Meksi is an important personality for this organization, and perhaps deserves the position of leader there, but when you look at things in a wider sense, shows that besides Blushi and Rama at SP, another Christian leads a group of Berisha's opposition.

Another important opposition parties against Berisha is that of Spartak Ngjeles, with Christian leaders, too.

On the other hand, if we would look the alliance of Berisha, shows that it is better balanced in terms of religion. To DP, the second figure is Jozefina Topalli, a Christian, and allies to this party are the party of the Greek minority, the the party of Nikoll Lesi etc..

Notwithstanding that the Albanian society seems indifferent to religion in general, must not be forgotten that the religious influence always. Religion is a powerful ideology during the electoral campaign. In this regard, figures such as Ben Blushi or any other, can determine the fate election of the respective parties.

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