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Edi Rama can't win only with Edi Rama

17. 05. 2009 nga Kritika

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Today Edi Rama rules absolutely election scene of the SP. Like in "Dialogue with Albania", even now during the election campaign, yet there is not a second important figure in the PS, but only Rama, who holds and presents electoral speeches, broadcasting the image of a leader more solitary. This strategy of Rama raises question, who will be the Vice Prime Minister of Rama in government, or minister in the key ministries of the country.

While at the other election camp, Berisha's, things are more clear in this respect, in the left camp they remains unclear. When four years ago Berisha and right camp were in election campaign (as opposition), in his group had quality figures of the political life of the country. For example, today Mr Rama has not in his side a personality such as Bamir Topi, as Berisha has at that time. Neither an aggressive fighter as Mrs. Topalli, or any forum of civil society, etc..
I want to say that it is not easy to win the elections from the opposition, and moreover, the only, as Rama is experimenting.

It is time that Mr Rama should configure, somehow, his future cabinet - to show names - to be credible to Albanians (it would be his first government). Do not are much important representativs' names, who mostly remain unknown to people, but are important government figures who will lead the country. And Rama should move quickly in this respect.

Mr. Rama represents a liberal line within the left, liberalism which somehow intimidate the Albanians, making those undecided to vote for him. In these circumstances, he should select to the right side of him, a conservative figure, to create the necessary balance during the electoral campaign. And this figure should not fall into "Minority groups" (a group which belongs to Rama), but must come from the "dominant group".

Despite that tradition in Albania is not assigning a Vice Prime Minister during the election campaign (such as the U.S. proceed with the Vice-Presidents), Mr Rama should experiment boldly in this respect, and not risking doing campaign alone.

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