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The word is free, the right is incarcerated!

20. 05. 2009 nga Ksenofon M. Dilo

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(Translation 90% - by google) "The world has become with the "ME" and as people: Everyone considers themselves to be the most important and thinks that deserves more consideration from everyone else. It is necessary to kultivojmë and to develop myself more." Dr. Jani DILO

Years passed and ngado people ask: "when will win arësyeja on partisan tactics?" What the zëmëron this vara-vingo is situated right still incarcerated! This poisons the atmosphere Albanian.

Arrogance has only changed the tone, form. A peek into this fear! It is necessary to protect the league, which does not spare other moderation shame, even though the kopesë showed dashi aging and diseased herd appeared!

Scandal resembles a gjuetije to deklasuarin. The judicial power, turned into a weapon numb. "Free speech", a decorative look, quite useless until justice means-nothing. Remi situation! Return to metaforën suggests: "Behind the back!"
Cord crimes are not këputet. Booming communist mentality!

A tragedy for Human noble destiny, "when it comes to crime, says the poet persecuted Piro Kuqi - we closed all the paths!" Pain, the largest from a brutal experience. The right to dissolve a spoon of sugar in a cup of water. And in this rrokopujë, .. braft, a small toast with shkëndi hope, the alarm bell fall, thëngjijtë will take tat .. .. Yes, the structures of justice remain frozen! Wounds remain open Kalvar of pain recur, though without the former revolutionary was frynën, more painful

Typical case with criminals of the gang "Red" to Sheperit, in the trial of Gjirokastra comedy .. were left free and even though afruan Tirana who committed murder as a scene from hell!. Adaptoi trial, as trial hijesh, some tactics of the past .. up and avukat s'lejuan for the victim! Returned power vampiri! U sakrifikuan two treasures of life: moral and edrejta i. A fatal combination! when: human modelojnë those laws of justice. A warning for fatal pit was going! View, that by rrënqethin marrow. Terrorists receive superior value, in relation to human destiny Albanian Zate more guilty than he who makes crime is he who makes darkness. "There, where there eerësirë - HUGOI says - and there are crimes."

Justice, as he zjarrfiksi seeking to quell the fire with gasoline. Propaganda of a fraud, even though communists communism collapsed under the weight of his lies great toast in light of the Sun .. Lustra this law seeks to create a breathing space ... Justice, as a stone mosaic introducing others delirious ... fashitur used for wounds with false promises, empty promises in the campaign, and divided between them kulaçin power. Many of the ugly shënosh numurin of the victims, a man killed the innocent, as to kill us all.
The scope of the office of justice still mined. Antikorpi of democracy which have eyes to hide what should not say. Europe is ferkon eyes with amazement! Limit temporal justice is: mad communist!

People are considered as objects that must be destroyed. Then, have the mouth and speak to us, and brought democracy without blood! Still seeking to teach us pedagogjinë fraud! In this discipline made sad work in all the waste of the past .. any thing is "no see, no see" ... ç'po become social doping, ie. hi eyes to regain lost positions, many frustrations increased.

Does not work, this type of a record that shows: "Who sees themselves as a monkey, can not reflect as a disciple?" Shkunduni zoterij! Still verbon magjia was the tower's red? Discussions indulgent, conclusions are defamatory! The only way to eradicate communism is, of zhdukim fraud.

De! Devil-take of persekutuari says separately that the pain distracted by corruption of justice in the name of life makes life padurushme! Monotone Everything around him! The discolored! Hidden history of painful, lives within its a tragedy! His life destroyed by torture, trepidation, horrors, humiliation .. to the macabre killings with guns turned in cold epidemic, j transition as Leusë, etc. Sheper. and justice still needs silence? In this process - verbal opinion that contains the formula "declasse" in this kind of intellectual dissection, the pain always increased, multiplied upset early .. - Suffering soul! ... Bring in mind the words of neveritëshme that përngjanin slime epileptiku on a piece of bread: "On behalf of the people you arestuar! ..

I know well, the çliruari from xhelati today that the prison became the persecuted, the future is not behind the door, but, ultimately it is the.

"Libra" justice, yet not say a right to know who is Albanian, the expectation is. yes, people still tends to be given a plethora lies?

Month honey as children of those who imprison Avdiu the right, the communists who feel that gabojnë - just say when the truth should not be extended more! What has taken a look: to be or not to be. In this discipline sad to say that live is gënjëhet. With the right poet writes:

"Asked Justice
It gave me
Most said:
S'të it belongs, you are entitled: ".. ("Albanian paradox" E. Dilo)

Del and any bejte: "Live with the old wives' tales, bjeru after ëndrave!" Yes, the best way to read the dream is, the right to release from prison as soon as possible! Life and confirmed that it showed, as demode system become more aggressive:

And, in this context should not silence the people to feed with milk for its more dignified patriotic contributions, as the scientific genius of Petro ZHEJIT. Do say ironically be the fate of political memory to leave in limbo the Homeland our professors still do not recognize as Stavri Skëndi, Throne Pipa, Safeta S. Juka, Sami Rrepishti etc.. etc..? Ahern though silence and only silence to put these and others as they deserve in the place where the elite of the Albanian culture. As it is not possible given the country deserved prof. Isuf Luzaj that honor medal floridi from parlamen of Argentina, or President REGAN will varte in neck medaljonin "Teacher of America". And all this at the expense of the Albanians at the expense of the original are. This greed "Uni" does not allow names that promote the power of thinking, without the ability to cover crimes, leaves "the forces of errata to walk" the property and not to vejë fool, clot engineering makes life shocking, violating the right of life, no concept of human rights, why have ally communist fraud:. And s'di of vuajturi Albanian nor gëzohet, the I, nor pikëllohet nor fears of a blood moon.

Persekutuari of approaches, that the wounds as the family suffers endless pain more native, who lives in a noble soul, an intelligence that has hopes of hanging virtyti Albanian and only listens to a question says: "WHAT!" Even as will continue? Years and years passed and he remained to the privilege "of receiving the documents" .. for persecution, for the property - "the former owner! .. And, not to the property shows that the regime is still prey! I intend going all of these and other smile has frozen .. homeless, without a right without freedom .... throughout the life of a His brilliance in pain already has a strong spiritual health even though the right has been jailed! He knows well that tomorrow is On. Comes without the other day that justice hemoragjinë stop her!

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