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New arrival of Tosi

21. 05. 2009 nga Minella Aleksi

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(Translation 90% - by google) Two three weeks before the interview of Mr. Nano was çfaqën in Opinion in the press reports that former prime minister returned to sallonet policy and the expected movement active with his goals set. Recognition of this fact that prompted the most thought with a certain interest options positions that may manifestonte former socialist president to the SP along the interview in Opinion.

So knowingly vura of himself in a position sympathetic to this position his ardhjeje as an added opportunity for the Albanian political factor generation progressive ideas. At any moment mark contrite to the church by looking at him as a kind of victim removed from the former associates. But piksëpari expected to reasoned judgments hears from a politician who came with a burden and uptake decrease with experience enough time autogjykuese of the last four years away from active politics. These four years would have been enough to see events from a policy point of view of the cold, without passions and momentum of activity on all day and already equipped with the wisdom of past experience, from a revised age of increased. Even the presentation of Fevziu, not absent for that determination "historic leader" of the SP. On taste too spicy such determinations in our society for people who clothe them with the idhullit when aureolën are still in that situation that the unwashed wool, without waiting until it passed the test of time. This is a manifestation of the anachronistic mentality and we continue to live anakronizmin our time and the open Internet. We are a country so small as settings such as the number one citizen of the country, the historic leader of the DP or the SP, the heroic prijësi democratic processes, honorary chairman of the assembly of PR, etc., as tingëllojnë attempts ngrefosëse a trupvogli to try to manierave ekstravagante imitation of the mëdhenjve. At this moment the beginning of the interview expected interference wise Nano with eloquent rejection of this historic leader përcaktori as SP's, but he's absent this chance. Even entire Evolving further discussions had a pivot, the SP of these four years s'kishte memory and ignore the political experience of government for years when situations were hand Nano. I mikluar and fallen prey përcaktori as leader of this historic, Nanua everything developed and designed for the future but no firm autorësinë and his views and përflet, by preventing as something which has no perspective. A vetsiguri that manifestonte Nanua in the manner of speech does not go with the flow of arguments that parashtronte. Under the standard phrase mjaftpërsëritura leave nënkuptohej significantly during the reign of his termination was the only SP in the yards of vintage Albanian society and within the family of the Socialists. No note vetgjykimi modest for shortages that brought the Socialists during their fronts and prospects of missing work, nepotism, corruption lulëzimin, etc. etc..

Are there dark areas in Nanua spectrum of his time being president of the SP? Obviously that has significant consequences for society's vulnerable. Did Rama also dark areas in managing the activity? And these are certainly evident. A moment was right that can help "family of socialist Nano" in progress towards elections this position during his interview posaçrisht required 40 days before the election? Looked like had just waited 40 days of the coffee pirjes the theqafjes the SP to his satisfaction. Çfaqi such pain and longing for family during the interview as socialist question naturally arises. During those four years the SP whenever the opposition was impenjua with practical contribution to the forums of his party and how hard or nerve preokupues heard of his Albanians in the Assembly? From one side the leaders of our historic leader and prefer being on the other hand we consider the so naive as miopër as Nanua say that these four years in the absence of contacts with the leadership of socialist somewhat maintained close links with the Socialists that simple for many paskan heart. Cynical in its position ignores the explanatory Nanua SP incomers anew in us and says, that they really are at the top left in limbo and deliberately mospërfillur. Certainly true that the Socialists who estimates përdhosi as qypa empty, Washing political stooge ministers qejflije women, lots of other nickname, and that, with these nofkaxhinj form of govern qeverira while not threatening a coup.

And give the right some analysts Berisha said that the grades of black humor when Nanua was kërcënua coup by the state. Topalli deshte to frenonte little Berisha to order that the center had received and said: Nanua the army and police with him and with the authority of the President of the Government that requires the preservation of order and we can arrest. The President named the great Doctor, who prefers the name in the protocol, it was thought a moment and, with the movement of the hand provide security shqiptoi: "As a chairman of arrestosh opposition, should not dashurosh Alcohol and, remember, when The increase of human salltaneti leave burrëria and wisdom, I said to father such cases. Burrëria is shkrepsja; comes in work only once. "

Nanua tried to make vizionarin, seemed like he wanted to pander rrufjan and the kulisave policy.

In my taste sounds too fake with the mot-fetched that brings burlesque to be as a man of Italian state having a staturën in / work office bureaucrat. Recognizing the psychology of the street rabble made garipit role but the role was far aktorial modern politician who wants to play at the scene of the interview. For not telling him the popular expression, shan of Dec ... ... is to characterize the significance proverbës: who has the roof glass should not throw stones at the roof of komshiut. U çfaq exceedingly close rabble determined when his son as the son of the jatit, but I do not believe that would deny the mouth so full of itself in relation to its biological ardhësin before. It is better to lance giving the impression that you are not malignant than to talk and to remove any doubt about this.

In the same way as the group's electoral Berisha in previous elections that ekspozoi photos nudo of Rama, with the same scheme currently operated Nanua with Rama. But surprisingly after Rama had pictures and credits increased support from the Socialists. The unexpected response of the Socialist camp for the right, which has to dread Rama obsesion. Socialists nudove treated as a moment of extreme diabolizëm Berisha as a perversitet more of his who, more points lost than won with photos. Provoked the opposite effect of the pictures on Rama and Berisha skuthët of his team is the same as the boomerang effect that will pick Nanua further zbrazjen with all the poison accumulated against Rama because it left somewhat in limbo historic leader four years being chairman SP's.

Being enjoyed by llumrat laundering Tirana gathered from the governance of the PD, with Rama as the Socialists did it man, best satisfy a pink in his hands than to deal with egzaminimin of his roots.

Movement gjithënxirëse Nano's interview with the Opinion worked as an open attempt to support in this election opponents "of his family expensive socialist." During those four years in silence, when the expected political maturor reflection of the historic character of the media, he absent when giving a great lesson. Contribution to our social leaders yield only been party chairman that functions differently in simple begenisin not sit down to talk to their comrade. Thus contributor or chairman, and historic or otherwise launchers arrows of those helmets on in the battlefield for social progress. The choice made by Nanua during this interview to influence directly in favor of opponents of his party is right and makinacioneve his excuses. However, remains to be explained well before his associates for the Socialist who says, thinks and suffers llozhave atop the buzuqeve, as actions speak more than words. Time has shown one thing - for vested interests, for love or love the presidential party chairman, Nanua Berisha of not only forgiven, but egon that manifests the experience of land burned accept for the sake of always being the first in the political demon . With this riardhje Nanua showed that it lost a lot of qualities sniffing policy, has remained at the time of naço-çaçove, far from being a stats of modern times.

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