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Greece to Çameria case, violates conventions

29. 05. 2009 nga Isuf B.Bajrami

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(Translation 90% - by google) At the time of today except Serbia and Greece is the state in Europe, so flagrant that violates some of the major conventions, on which the new international order. This violation of përbindshme more of the 200,000-population feels she Albanian, and expelled with violence and genocide by their ethnic lands in Çameria.

Before 60 years, the dark forces of Greek nationalism, promoted by the government and run by war criminals, generals Zerva of Plastira, did the ethnic cleansing of Çameria from the Albanian population. In this criminal activity, the active role played Greek Byzantine church leaders associates nazifashistëve, Spiridhoni of Dhorotheu.
Ethnic Cleansing in Çameria had started since the year 1913 and was accompanied by mass murder, where only in the place called Selanit were massacred Përroi of 72 leaders, intellectuals and personalities of the Albanian ethnic group in Greece.
During a 30-year period, underwent Cham exposed to the so-called agrarian reform, where land and loot was distributed to Greek column, bring from Asia Minor in the years'20, was denied the right of the school in their mother tongue to the right to vote and render life was in the fringes of impatience.
Before the start of World War II, was paragjykuan Cham and internuan in the Aegean islands, etc.. Those who were called in the army, was awarded the pick shovel, and treated as prisoners of war. However, the Cham during the war gave a valuable contribution to their participation in battalions "Camera" and "Ali Demi", attended by over 1000 fighters, along with the Greek liberation formations in their composition, these facts clearly certified documents and books written by Greek authors on both political sides, and the Allied military missions (Jani saw Niko Zhangu, Mihal Miridhaqi, CMUoodhouse etc.).
But all the sacrifices of this population in the Liberation War was rejected by Greek authorities at the end of War and continue to be denied by the day.
For this so absurd, the Greek state holds the "de jure" in effect the Law of War Nr. 2636/1940 and laws, his pig, 4506/1966 and 1664/1998.
At the time the law decreed War with Albania, Cham were Greek citizens and the law s'kishte do nothing with them. He held today as the nail Nastradinit and to testify before the civilized world that Greece violates international conventions, signed by it.
Greece continues to violate today "Mosparashkrimin Convention on War Crimes and crimes against humanity", entered into force on 11 November 1970.
This Convention recalls resolutions of the UN General Assembly, the date 13 February 1946 and 31 October 1947, in connection with the extradition and punishment of war criminals and Resolution 95 on 11 December 1946, which confirms the principles of international law, recognized the Statute of the International Military Tribunal Nurembergut and that the court's decision, and Resolutions of December 1966, through the General Assembly has expressly condemned as crimes against humanity the violation of the rights to economic and political autochthonous populations, as population martirizuar of Çameria, where Muslim was part grabitën properties, while the population is Christian today denied national identity, schools and native language.
In Article 1 of this Convention, noted that :"... war crimes are without parashkrueshme, if any date when it was committed. "
Also, the point b of Article 1, punished without time limit: "expulsion through an armed attack or occupation and inhuman acts ... as well as the crime of genocide as defined in the Convention of 1948, for the prevention and prosecution of crime genocide, even when those acts do not constitute violation of the right of the interior of the country where they are committed. "

For any of the crimes committed in Çameria, the provisions of this Convention require to be implemented well "to representatives of state authority that tolerate his conduct," stated in Article 2, including the current government has any responsibility for the trailing position in providing denying the rights of the Cham population in today.
In Section 4, the Convention obliges Greece "take all legislative and other measures that will be necessary to ensure mosparashkrimin crimes mentioned in Articles 1 and 2 ... as for regarding claims, as well as Regarding the penalty, where there may be a parashkrim, by law or with a different way, it will be removed. "
In full contradiction with the Convention Mosparashkrimit war crimes, the Greek state has not signed the Protocol Nr.4 of the European Convention on Human Rights. This is done intentionally to keep occupied Çamërinë, under the strategy of the Greek "megalith idea", the first treaty in the history of nationalist antinjerëzor Europe. Point 1 of Article 3 of this protocol, noted: "Nobody can be expelled by an individual or collective measure from the territory of the State, whose citizen he is" and in point 2 of the same article nënvizohet: "anyone can not remove the right to enter the territory of the State whose citizen he is. "
On the other hand, Greece as a member of the Council of Europe has ratified the European Convention on Human Rights and, although it continues to violate the rights of Albanians Çameria, charging without the right as the nazifashizmit.
Point 2 of Article 6 of this Convention states: "Any person charged with a violation of law, presented to innocent until proven guilty, legally his."
In fact, pafajësia of çamëve is proved legally by court Diktimit to Janinës in shkresën with protocol number 1837, dated 29 September 1976, sent to the Ministry of Public Order, the Department of Criminal Services in Athens.
So the time has come after the violent ethnic cleansing of Çameria, Greece seek forgiveness for the 2900 massacred the innocent victims, for the 40,000 people expelled by violence, for 68 cities and villages looted and burnt, all objects The worship of the devastated and 60 years of wrongful use of their assets. Take all measures to ensure çamëve return to their country in Çameria, with dignity, according to all international conventions it has ratified the people.
Albanian state, in addition to working with southern neighbors, to put knowledge in the UN bodies and all interested European and American, that as "implements" Greece conventions and international cards.

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