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Spiritual reconstruction of Albanians

29. 05. 2009 nga Ndue Ukaj

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(Translation 90% - by google) Albanian nation already live free. He has sendërtuar a part of the policy objectives, but is deeply immersed in an internal crisis, the crisis that has shënjues degradation of values, or a crisis of values followed in all aspects of national life.

This crisis has affected all segments of important national and consequently has developed a serious condition in which ankthshëm felt the spiritual need of rebuilding the Albanian nation. Numerous shocks we have experienced these last two decades as a nation we have brings a factual situation, which lacks the moral dilemmas and intellectual rationale for experiencing the phenomena.


Albanian society through the centuries has suffered decades of horror only, lack many of the over all lack of freedom. She, at any stage has not experienced authentic freedom as essential premise for formësime normal and healthy. Perhaps, it's shaping up in extraordinary circumstances, the çrregullta, not normal, are found when a new era, has within himself the problems of multiple crises, which hinder and adapted to accept first way democratic values and norms and standards accepted as valid internationally. She has not experienced freedom, it is not freedom in shaping, rather, it is shaping under the dictate of violence, lack of freedom under reprezalje. Lack of freedom, as fundamental components of education for formësim normal society / nation, has the Albanian society wherever geographically located, there are shortages, which are noticed in many pore of life. And a mosaftësia is essential to build a stable system of values.


There is a chapter confident that the suffering scream and Albanian will drop in the New Millennium, in which the Albanians in general have come with different positive. Precisely, despite apparent differences, the real situation in the Albanian areas is heavy, with multiple loss and low expectations. Kosovo continues to përpëlitet still on its way towards the consolidation as a state, with a mountain of problems before and with few opportunities. Other parts of Albania, despite positive changes, at whatever the desired position. While Albania, the country home, is shënjon with a deep dedication, efforts to finalize the last chapter of the painful transition nearly two decades, but still available before multiple challenges. She continues to suffer the consequences of the past and still moniste between the past and the future, without Conclusion easily possible to chapter prolonged and painful transition to politics, economic and cultural.


But generally analyze the position of the Albanian nation today, konstatojmë can still find that his first serious challenge. And rational understanding of overcoming these challenges, many now depend on all the future. Despite the fact that the Albanian nation enjoying a freedom of Albanians already have a vague, grim, heavy, even for most, hopeless. Therefore, today, raised many questions and many answers are required sage, which would help to overcome this situation and to transform it towards a brighter future and prosperuese. There is a line full of numerous debates in the media that the intellectual is already grim, despite the tangible positive developments. However, there is also hope and conviction that the future is on the side of the Albanian nation. It is time and the moment that this case should win. And this case is obtained only by imposing the values of the sound and etabluar a system of values to testify. So to overcome this, above all that we can evidencohen the present obstacles must identify all wounds and then they must be examined, analyzed thuktë to create opportunities that these challenges be overcome. This means that should a prekim exactly plagën wounds that our society has today, and which have been and are obstacles to go forward more quickly. In the tradition of English writing has been very different periods scientist who identified a national corps wounds, which are often conceived to politics, divisions, religion, history, etc.. All these have produced a chaotic situation, which has been lacking and lacks a system of categories of values and a willingness to work on ways of consolidating herewith sforcimit and the substance of the nation. Albanian politics have always lacked the values of good and right people to work toward the common good. Precisely this has all Albanian politicians, to be more divided than normal, do not have any skills as a përbashkohet body sendërtimin common national objectives. For a moment occurred in the unification, it is usually supposed to be done with an international pressure. Syndrome, and this has generated so much division between Albanians, begotten today is difficult to talk about a genuine democratic Albanian political and shtetëndërtuese. In this sense, means the cry of many centuries the Albanian scholars who do appeal for unity, to implement and promote the ideals and common values. In this context, Father Anton Harapi saying that a divided nation is lost. All this has a consequent crisis, moral crisis. Charles de Montesquieu wrote that: "One more country destroyed by the loss of moral citizens, rather than from economic destruction." It is the moment to understand this reference and funksionalizohet within intiligjencisë Albanian, which the latter is not contemplative, but creative.


Another problem of stress in life is the issue of Albanian mosgatishmërisë to separate the good from evil, the value of antivlera. These two problems have produced thelbore opportunistic politics, selfishness and corruption banal legal in all national institutions. Thus is prevented hearing criticism and realistic assessments. And consequently has dominated and dominates a opurtunizëm of unprecedented. This tradition has devastating never reached into the culture of cooperation. Thus, production of the good and the determination of truth, has been lacking and is lacking in us every time. The transition in Albania, these phenomena have raised sabotuese face even more. Therefore within the Albanian life is a legitimate form of primitive ushtruarit power, culture, economy, etc.. Around first and basic features of this crisis have legitimated a spirit corruption, a trend mburrvecërie of vëtëlavdrërimi extreme.

In addition, a problem remains very complex Albanian mosaftësia to build a genuine system of values. This mosaftësi a mosgatishmëri has a legitimate political mediokre, an elite that is able and willing to take initiative and provide alternatives, in a word and a intiligjenci opportunistic bystander. This form has installed a policy of opportunistic, maid, who is under trysnitë different factors that come from outside the interior. The fact that the democratic system has been built and are built on partial interests, as are links klanore, tribal, religious, political. We vuajmë consequences of a lack of consolidated system hierarkizëm values. So today we have a terrible çiherarkizim values. In the absence of this, we have antipodin values, pseudovlerat, which have ngulfat our lives in every aspect.

Within the Albanian nation we have a dislocation of values and culture, this very important national domen is degraded as it is worse. Culture is turned into a conglomerate of abyssal, where alliances primitive function well and where we antipodes as a sorrogatllëk values to haywire. Sorrogatëlleku values is precisely this alliance and not principled at all and sound, which has replaced the system of real values and stopuar kyçjen people in the important work of the nation.


Albanian spaces everywhere not to let too excited. In it is really hard, even though the Albanian nation in general can be said that evil is released from the systematic, by regimes, dictatorships, invasion, lack of freedom. But, even after so many years of transitions stërpërfolura, many remained in limbo. Culture and spiritual aspects are degraded, if not many cultural dimensions are subject to a repression on behalf of the diseased pseudovlerave and a sorogatëlleku values. This model of political culture has ngulfatur genuine national life. Talk much about political deformation, deformation of economic, social and ideological çorientime to, but less or little for spiritual deformation, this type of deformation that has unforeseeable consequences for a nation. To this phenomenon reflects the ngathësi, not debated, not realizing that just this sort deformimi is the most difficult on degjeneruese because of evil, transforms into the good, the codes of conduct and communication.
It is now appropriate to all potential accumulated in the way of restoring national among civilized Western nations. In this way the spiritual reconstruction to meet current and historical gaps.

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