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Conflict with themselves and the search for European identity of Albanians

10. 06. 2009 nga Gjon Keka

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(Translation 90% - by google) Culture, spiritual, political or any nation, especially people with tradition and with the age of maturity leads to profound responsibility, cultural, political, social, economic, etc..

We all know that every nation or nation has its culture and source of the goods and virtues by which they feed, but Ama goods. While nobody is more jealous than siujdheses Balkan peoples, they have lived continuously in hasmëri with each other than this are not inherited, but it has come as piktakimeve historical accident but not the same every time.

If today we can not determine a standard value, a doctrine of responsibility cultural, political, social, economic, etc., will be, at least, the arrogance mostly a collective lunacy. However the search for a standard such apparently falls into contradiction with the spirit of the current time respektivishtë XXI century. For some people, especially the Serbian and Russian people think that the real need not only to test given that it seeks loyalty so faithfully memory, keeping in mind a really already discovered this is indeed the new reality in the Balkans that associated with the new perspective of the Albanian nation and inherencën in mendimine European Union. However, in the middle, ie the test of loyalty to truth and historical memory may have to do with a case of responsibility, but only if there is really something that should stay faithful to domsodshmërisht.

Everything depends apparently from what she believes and believes what is in this case the Albanian nation and rrugëtim follows. All know that fascism and communism as a doctrine and ideology are not yet devastating break from "great tradition" of that time, especially to some nations and peoples, and therefore left no trace relativizmit to Niçeje a hero or a Soreli. While this is why today the space of the Albanian nation in general and in the Balkans leaves trail "moral conversion", but this "moral conversion" for this time is much rrezikshkëm: simply because it can be accepted by people with frivolous and a bona fide non sinqert and in fact they are often among the Albanians or the other Balkan peoples. But each felt a responsibility to have to rely to a "moral choice" and rooted in tradition and faith, because it makes us possible to change time, denoncojmë bëmat bad if they are committed to a mental condition that complies with suazën shqiprtërore Albanian nation, however impure sins, if it is clear (within the structure of this tradition) that the actions of përgënjeshtronin words and even words are sometimes djallëzisht to spërdredhur: if the internal logic of moral thought of the Albanian nation can show us lajthimin we are interested in the excuses that they have had deadly results. Apparent meaning of all this skepticism is that this time can not keep alive a conflict as serious moral conflict with themselves and seek real Albanian identity. Should know that some of njeriëzit of the Albanian nation in some way think that the Albanian nation would be a buzz in the annex to avoid as washing machines, while vëtrteta things will happen in the hallway or room fjetjes. But the language of the institutions of the Albanian nation in general, codes of sjellurit catalogs of virtues, the sins, the abstract language often used to mbështjelluar time certainly remind us that "science and llahatarshme Marxist," all visual elements tejra open, with the rate of moral, cultural and political, so, jump down. Time to talk was snippy when "mbinjeriu Nice" or that he thought that the world should be Beelzebubiane Islam as it was the product of Muhamedin, who also ordered that some knew the "good dredhërisht wrote," to write the Koran so fragmentary, and then came the time of communist ideology as nearly the same with the island that had intended to speak and fragmentuarit things with a detachment that was acceptable to them but not for the whole world. So today in the XXI century in the Balkan siujdhesen, especially to nations and peoples who are most affected by the infection of Islam and where bizantinizmit still reek pseudodisciplin Orientale and Byzantine era, wind still reek of Slavic and Oriental indoktrinim still mind, spirit and culture of the Albanian nation within their sense of the rule of Slavic and Ottoman rule, the consequence is that in some cases was imposed as is the case of 545 years of Turkish rule that left the widow and made major Albanians do not know who are simply without culture and identity of the next hundred years of rule that made the wild Slavic Albanians think otherwise speak differently and act differently. So the Albanian nation, which had high culture and identity came to clean the situation where a nation or society without identity or culture is the same as the unmarked graves and lives in a cave as yet undisclosed.

You have heard that neither Hitler nor Milosevic said he had never been Humanist, but to say that the Bolshevik Hitler while Milosevic chauvinists. And here was their weak point. But today in modern times as the Albanians call islamizuar speak for those who are living as Arab or Turkish or Slavic that betrayed their history and returned below the blind obedience orinetale?, Certainly some of the good name of some kqinjë, some Arab, some Slavic not know what some are some trishtohen from mjekrrat long and short pantollonat to lead the minds of people parahistorisë. And those who think that being called in Turkish culture, Arab or Slav, to achieve integrated in the European Union or the sound system of values, the guess themselves because it is known that liars can not make nor European, neither Albanian nor any other sidmos nor the heroes of Islam as ideology orinetale dry, it will come a time when the lie of Islam came from even when the lie is then discovered that the daughter would like pseudoautoritet masks of those who fall behind himself. In this context, when the time is the fear of trokitja at the door and then when everyone would run after his identity as is the case now rrugëtimit several nations and peoples in the Euro-Atlantic integration. But to integrate the values sisitem means to have an identity and culture have clean and not mixed, as is the case of the Albanian nation and some other people who are affected by the infection of Islam and bizanitinizmit. And completely at the end does not know to think a little and Albanians to return itself to see the sins that has left the Turkish Empire Slavic here, do not think that little of their identity is lost by the imposition of Islam and in ways bizantinizmit different, a little not think that really is very close zemërs even in areas of deep dark heart of their islamizuar of sllavizuar you not know the history shfletojnë than there hiding their identities with a European even qytetrim the high, does not know that many centuries before the Albanians were Christians and had a high culture. In this context, the Albanians should not explore other way except the way of internal street respektivishtë the reason, there deep in the consciousness of broken CoP and absorbed by foreign ideologies and doctrines and mjerane there a hidden truth of it is culture, identity, and Our qytetrimi high, because only in this way we can integrate the Albanians into the European system of values, because as Robert Shuman says "Christianity today is enriched by the experience of living during its history, should help popujtë less developed to understand the same way përgaditje human ", but for the Albanian nation is këthehet the human experience and përgaditje. While on the other side know that democracy does not sajohet, because, as Shuman says, "Europe had more than a millennium to cut (democracy)." So for us Shumanin who speaks very clearly even today when we want to integrate into Euro-Atlantic structures, is that we should note that democracy as he will be or will not be Christian at all, a democracy or democratic antikristian will be off that would dive into tyranny or anarchy. The Albanian nation today to be a free nation and a healthy democracy should learn apology freedom of the truth which has not yet been found so far are këkrim the Albanians themselves and their European identity. If we are not able to return to self respektivishtë of our identity and our culture, we are condemned to return back, back in the evil world of history and failed.

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