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Financial scandal with U.S. J-1 visas, and criminal cooperation of Albanian Prime Ministers

09. 09. 2009 nga Kritika

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American Visa J-1 is a study visa that is given to a certain contingent of people, to study in the U.S.. Those who receive this visa are selected directly from the Albanian government.

[Bracket] Mainly they are militant of PD - PS, depending on which party is in the power at the moment, that neither give the TOEFL - the English exam, that is compulsory for school in the U.S., and where any expense of their education covered by the Albanian state. Teaching and graduation of these students become curtailed in the U.S. (not as the regular students in American universities), becauese it is known that they would return to Albania. In other words, they are not prepared for the American market, but have low quality, in accordance with the third world, where they come from. [Pope bracket]

Financial costs of education of this contingent (and are several hundred people) go to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars per person (depends on length of education), including even the plane tickets to travel, the rents of housing, food, etc., a value estimated at about 30-35 thousand dollars per year, per student. A person from this contingent (of stress, only one person) spends an average of 70 thousand dollars (for getting a Master) up to 200 thousand dollars (for Masters plus PhD). And all this money come out of the safe of the Albanian state budget, by, as it is known, the foreign aid for specializing Albanian intellectuals abroad.

In the foundation of J-1 visa lies an agreement (contract) between the Albanian state, U.S., and students in question. Under this treaty, since these students are paid by the Albanian state, they are forced to return to Albania for a period of 2 years, after finishing the school, to contribute intellectually in the field for which they are educated. Only after the completion of these 2 year period, they can re-turn, if they want, again in America.

But the problem lies in the fact that Albanian students with J-1, after school ending (with money paid by the impoverished state of Albania) do not wish to return to their country, despite the fact that they owe Albanian state hundreds of thousands dollars. These ordinary thieves, move any thing, and any stone, either use any legal loophole or counsel to stay in America. Even borning children (to give an U.S. citizenship), buy or make home (with loans from American banks), seeking asylum cursing their country (and they are messengers of Albania state - this is very funy), and also require the so-called "waiver".

In the essence of the concept of "waiver" stands granting of permission by the Albanian government (based on American law the permission must be given only by the Albanian Prime Minister), that these people to stay always in America, despite the 2 year obligation to return to Albania. So, the Albanian Prime Minister gives up to these so-called students, hundreds of thousand U.S. dollars, stemming from the Albanian state budget, while the country is damaged twice in this aspect, because it is losing the money, but also specialists sent directly from the Albanian state to be educated in the West, in order to contribute intellectually, after finishing the school, to the modernization of Albania.

But how many of these students have benefited the "waiver"?. Many, and in the following Articles will also mention names.
But it is not just only "waiver" that is damaging the Albanian state, but the whole process of J-1 visa, which already has failed completely, is financially damaging small Albanian state. Almost more than 90% of these students do not return to the country, causing millions of dollars loss in year to Albania. While the Albanian government does not take any legal action or judicial step against them, to re-turn mony back into the Albanian state budget. In this kind of silence has a role also the corruption, undoubtedly, of the respective prime ministers, but the great evil lies in the fact that it is not open even a small judicial process, against the above individuals to request back the money of their education, thus the financial damage of millions of dollar that they have caused to the safe of the Albanian state.

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