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Berisha's anticommunist Albania, the same ''shit'', as Hoxha's communist Albania!

20. 03. 2009 nga Kritika

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Today, Albania is divided ideologically the same as then, the privileged vs. "kulak" and enemies vs. supporters of the regime. Ironically the terminology remained the same in this regard, the communists and anticommunists. At the time of Hoxha the most privileged title was communist, while opponents of the regime labeled as anticomumnist. Today again it works the same practice, but in the opposite direction: the most privileged title is anti communist, while opponents of the regime labeled as communists. A pun that continues to hold Albania divided, and on the brink of civil clashes, the same as then.
Disturbing problem has to do with the fact that this absurd political (in both regimes) was and is promoted from the Albanian government. As in the time of communism, and at the time of anticommunism, the division is initiated from above, directly from the state.

The only Albanian (the stress this) that is not punished by this nonsense, or bad fatality, is Sali Berisha. The latter, in both regimes has held the the most privileged titles of the time: communist, during the regime of Hoxha, and anticommunist during the today regime. He has not suffered, as all Albanians, the horrible consequences of the "class war" on communism, and hostile ideological labels on anticommunism.

Wednesday 18 March, this man with ideological immune, Sali Berisha, was invited by the Foundation "Konrad Adenauer", in Berlin, Germany, as protogonist the fall of communist regime in Albania, at a seminar for communism (Eruropa deal yet Shadows of the dead in the past, instead of dealing with terrorism of the time).

During his talk Berisha described cruelty of the communist regime in Albania, with 11,000 casualties had passed them all eastern bloc countries, with the former Soviet Union. He illustrated it with some concrete cases, as hung of the poet Avzi Nela or dragging the bodies of people killed at the border.

But the leader of the regime antikomunist of Albanian forgot to mention the fact that the same political division of the ideological rift is even today in Albania, and it is not initiated by Hoxha, but he himself, with consequences much more tragic than those of the communist regime, with over 20 thousand victims of the missing across the borders and seas, who tried to escape the state anticommunist of Albania (the victims of Communism were a result of 50 years, while only 15 years of anticommunism - show very high percentage). With thousands of others who hold political asylum status in the west (more than at the time of Hoxha's regime). He also did not mention the fact that Albania anticommunist has the largest number of "fugitives" in Eastern Europe, the so-called immigrants, about 1 million of them, etc, etc ...

Read what Berisha said in his talk:

"With great pain, after deep meditation, I could make a decision in the second half of the 80-years. Simple decision: do not go on my conformism. After this decision I felt more free and more peaceful than ever." (Translation 90% - by google)

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