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Uncertainty of life

26. 03. 2009 nga Artan Mullaj

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As ominous news, the murder of two employees of the police in the north of the country, followed a welter of new public opinion: disgust, despair, uncertainty and disquiet. As well as in other similar cases, this confusion and anger fear, mixed with the tired civil urejtjen against crime and to the general insecurity.. was not simply a news skëtershëm that trazoi ndërgjegjien citizen, and immediately became a week. Was something more: 8 new orphans increased in Albania, while the crime is so pushtetshëm, and security is still so fragile, as this event can be obtained as a fearsome rumble bells for anyone:

Albanian Life has no value even as important! Not ekzistosh-universal fear that stems from this phrase, Albania has an authentic immunity, the incomparable and perhaps imperceptible to most land.

...Two men detained in the most absurd manner, and therefore unfair, the last page of existence in a macabre story .. leaving behind children orphaned, pessimism and thoughts of desperate people concerned about the fact that .. life in Albania smelling death. This blend of real and trishtë two worlds of human taksura is an emotional phenomenon, and if not unique, as long as real kjon nakatosje happens quite randomly, and quite simply calamity in this country ... progressive .. Seems more than a new page in black book of great disasters Albanian, it is a phenomenon where the life of the neglected and human losses (result shpërfilljeje), competing laws of nature ... quiet. Enough, in this adventure, where bashkekohësit of humbasim together, the losses are greater from cannot be endured..

It is not the first time that community shokohet from such events, where men rule, these friends of friends lost their risk, these parents with young children paritur, write with paint leave the last of blood ... These creatures represent investing public safety, to their loss makes multiple uncertain civilian life .. When missionaries are not sure of security, police and judges, if verberinë of shpirthjeshtëve that extend their lives in an area mined symbolically!

But thus the root stock of living is not that power comes only from the crime, which even when tulatet as vullkani, perfidiously break .. The problem is that society itself has an uncertainty of amplifikim unchanged, under the pressure of misery and poverty .. Rrëqethja comes equally from the increased suicides, by Massive closures of paths ... a few days before, an engineer, an intellectual, one surrendered to duelin the earthy reality. U vetëvra, adding numurin of orphans and name listed in the list of victims of economic crisis .. There is no case to us! Despair is a step away marëzisë .. When this nonsense starts shndërohet a tendency in the collective, the fataliteti then take that appears on the horizon, there still...

If you turn our attention to the galling memory of the Albanians, the less dare to hope collective composure in the days ahead ... The past is not our transition vec a mosaic of black events pashembëllta, ordinary consequences of crime, state crime , natural disasters, social or artificial .. We left behind the army of the missing in the borders of Albania, youth flijuar the 97-es, Otrantos shame and crime, tragedy and Farkës, rrallimin the miners in Bulqiza, and many others, to close Gerdec with blood still wet... It happens so often in so infrequently in midair loss of life, and so simply, and so meaningless, how can assume that now it is something in shndruar routine...

Let's be indifferent as to want, and let them shpërfillim this routine Kobe! How else kurëkund, our essential energy, has low stakes in the stock exchange to create biological weapons ... We know this, we see this in our eyes, and accept this reality with the mockery, with euphoria, with the challenge of krenarinë useless ... E konstatojmë! We know also that these events are more than bells peal!

We are also spiritual temptation terror, and not only so.

We know that the safety of life is not just the quality issue, or issues of identity. Furthermore, mixed with them, nor moral issue! As a concept, it is clear that awareness of the human intellect has created for bashkëshoqëruar instiktin universal self, in a concert for the protection of the maximum value, which is existence.

When this security is violated, the basic concept is violated, psychology life, and consequently, the human personality ....

But as us! ... In the back have severe callus patience!
All together are one of the extreme pain and Kobe to the large patient population from a small inside so long ..

But again, as us!
At least, the suffering of the popular memory should have improved the security code, and shares of Albanian life should be increased.

But this has not happened..
Why has not happened? Why pësimet and disasters are not learning in this historic grouping unfortunately, but repeated volitional .. Why we have lost respect for themselves, instead of going the opposite violent?

Why crime hits with the same dynamics, and why uncertainty has density of the atmosphere around us, as always?.. Findings are the same, year after year! Life is equally valueless, moment after moment.

It seems that so will be, how long will the lack of civil collector kundërshtisë .. participate, regëtimi hoped for .. This will be how long will lack passion civil and Albanian in the course of time, will have only a routine.

Today, just like die, just like a year ago, the same as at any time to transition to hatashëm, an indolence of hatashme, we rrezikohemi Ironically everywhere! Rrezikohemi through building environment. Rrezikohemi ways without sinjalistika and without adequate services .... rrezikohemi from explosions of ammunition from criminals and added psikopatët increased from hajdutëritë from inhoranca, the absence of justice and the lack of rule of law also. And then, secretly, djallëzisht, rrezikohemi from the uncontrolled foods, construction, medicines, services ... then daily, rrezikohemi by bad policies, by corruption, and of course, without hope, without interruption, without stopping, risk of self.....

The risk continues!
It's time to see in their eyes!... (Translation 90% - by google)

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