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The vicioz circle and injections of the London Summit

03. 04. 2009 nga Gjon Keka

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The meeting of world leaders at the summit in London was an attempt to get out of the ring that have entered vicioz countries affected by the global crisis. At this summit in order to goose cautious voices who had a reasonable purpose for this effort not to overlook the useless but përpshpejtohet way out of this situation that has caught the heavy whole globe, also goose the voices of doubt, showing a raliste skeptical approach and not to reveal the world from this misery and huge economic depression.

In general, the access ways to regulate a host of problems since it's economic to the social security it does not indicate a seriousness appropriate to say goodbye to poverty, insecurity, fear of weapons vdekjeprëurëse etc.. So by looking at the prism and by implementation of the first things in the world are taking kahjen major changes for the bad world leaders should be aware of fryrjen stop things qojnë world towards destruction and the loss of her dignity moral and human.

Because today the most important points better on the most telling point is neuralgjike in the world economy, security and sociabiliteti and human frymëror return to the truth which they have abandoned the materializmi of dhjamosjes the world. The purpose of humanity is not the doing of the doubt on his way right historical progress and achievement, but an order qonë man towards fisnikrësisë and positive developments not being left out for bid but not forgetting the real ndërgjejgjën and the reason which has base in truth. This great economic depression that is causing the world kapluar numerous obstacles do so many firms and businesses and many falimentojnë worker to lose their place of work and thus be a real dilemma of their existence and survival of the welfare of the general states face these problems.

So this summit in a special care should be dedicated to their markets and businesses as well as the way out of this crisis by undertaking a joint front of all countries so that exit from this situation and ways to accelerate the normalizmit the situation come as soon as possible.

Leaders in this summit will have to be a vocal to think about this crisis and that all should be united to the world right qonin positive developments and processes of a world that will ndiente themselves more secure and not looking for each day that is Bojan daughter this time, which is the modern gllabëron few ngapak crisis.

This crisis since the Second World pasëlufta is one of the biggest crises facing the world is that in general, this is not major depression ngjason any period other than asja called the modern period, as the dim pre-history at the time of War II Botëore during the 2o 'and 40' world had fallen asleep deep hypnotic of ideologies, taking the color of the fall of political conscience and morality, while food in the world only in possession of these periods was mesinë ideology and doctrine which qonin in a state of vague and a whole rack of democratic systems and the positive developments in the world total.

Also do not përgjan the postwar period and the major recession that is transmitted over several months during the period itself 70'dhe 80 years' U.S. and so this current crisis is shown in wild and hard for by way of settlement and way of finding a common way of the world in general.

All countries should not leave its findings and options to exit from this vicious circle be left in limbo asesi historical but also the ways and approaches common to overlook the forefront of this global evil becomes so careful, because it will pariparueshme have consequences on the world and will endanger the existence of its full.

Things that cause complications are highlighted in the global economies are diving places in unplanned projects and scholarships that one way or another are becoming inseparable part of the problem and the total economic crisis.

Given that the dollar triliona were lost as a result of the crisis and problemve being brought businesses and international markets, so will need to be careful and approach with a more serious and sinqert to turn this crisis into a stability and a positive development across the globe neck by removing access barriers and how negative probelmeve economic, social, security, etc etc the countries affected.

While having a more positive approach and looking at ways to to solve this global problem could be losing faith that the business purpose of his return to development, and that these signs of return to normality would cause positive processes and can turn to countries that are affected by the crisis, confidence flows and better development of international markets and businesses in general and a commitment of all countries, because the increasing confidence and will save businesses and markets can be passed on vicioz light district of this economic depression.

Otherwise neither ingjeksionte nor përpkrahja only some small countries can not revive the economies of countries and has affected the global economic crisis. Also neither the 1st 1 trillion dollars can not convert fytytrën the real economy and countries that have suffered from this recesion, because should the ambitious final turn and balance and economic stability of affected countries in general from this grave crisis.

And finally the whole world leaders should seek areas of significant joint action to ripërtrirë and revive the global economy of the countries affected, should also seriously fight against this global recesion clearly and without any dilemma, then take rigorous to prevent the crisis deepening, masta other powerful protectionist qojnë that in vënjen implementation by the international factor (ndërkomëbtare Trade Organization, IMF, World Bank, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and other international actors).

Seen by this we can say that all actors of the summit of G20 countries in London, who only managed to set some rules and move yourself, but not to resolve in a way that qonë complete solution to this crisis by encouragement and disappointment turned into weakness in the joint force for a sustainable stability economies deeply affected by this crisis. Because in this summit was not reached any final agreement, but a temporary support but not full resolution and in this serious global problem, so the economies ingjeksione not raised but with concrete actions and accelerated. (Translation 90% - by google)

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