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Sad Happiness

06. 04. 2009 nga Artan Mullaj

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In addition to that obviously was a meek and constructive achievement, NATO Summit laid the seeds of world opinion in a new illusion for the role of leaders in the plans. The power of the era's biggest crisis, appears to have the glory aurorën equally bright as previous leaders in history. Vehemence of simplicity that seems to have recently occupied their image, may not be exactly so, tenderness and weakness, but it is definitely something new, among them .. With all the security that NATO offers to international cooperation and solidarity, the world's greats forwarded message exactly this time of global uncertainty in this approach to humanity in crisis. Being unable to predict the fate of capitalism, rezatuan an image of weakness that many can buy for tenderness collective leaders face difficulties provoked by the crisis... Maybe this is why Obama already has turned into a planetary hope, no megjithëqë by European leaders has not been clear whether the talent of most powerful man on earth is as sufficient enough to lead leaders and others through their worldwide towards resolving the crisis.... It seems that Europeans do not have a model of theirs, nor ashpërsinë and authority necessary to make decisions that "strike at the center." To follow after inisjativat humble and suggestions that you close, while you fear the crisis has paralyzed by the power of the vote. But, of course, the konstatosh lack of authority ashpërsisë and current leaders, a grouping in the rigor and force, as the NATO Summit in her does not mean that leaders supozosh the heroes of the past, and tough decisions to their history that have shocked, to be equally necessary today, as well the leaders supozosh soft tired of the day, have good reason to attend the following students as the atonement, Obamën ..

It seems that Obama is the only one that has guxuar to introduce brumin in the hands of dangerous zallahisë that has invaded the world, and the fact that all views have led him, gives the right to be treated as a phenomenon, the more that others seem if not do anything but, rinë pending, follow after, approve, of kopjojnë, of worship, take the color of his, from his taste, as he perceive, believe and Congratulate zëulët success for all...

This majmunëri shëmbëllen positive and where the best in fact that taking decisions by strong leaders weak..

Against this background of fragile and between the perception of weakness and power in Europe, a miracle happened, if you can call the NATO membership of Albania and Croatia .. For many observers, the introduction of the Balkan countries in the alliance may have been nothing more than a pëshpërimë ecological, green, and a useful updated to more powerful machinery of war in the world, and only that. But on the other hand, if not so for the Croatians, this event produced a cheerfully strong Albanian leaders..

Can be assumed that it was indeed a joy for as long as healthy optimism had not yet left the country a spectacular euphoria, which very soon was in a candid shndrua; a pure primitive, which adjourned this achievement in a wrong orientation of national . Because the entry into NATO, indeed Albanians reached one of the goals of integration of the country, but only so. The next day, all know that will not change the color of the sky! The next day, the major instrument will be there cross-legged in the awareness of all. If you survived once good agresioneve foreign (in fact they were rescued even when surrounded by enemies and around bunkers) are not actually as safe within. The next day crises and poverty will be there, in the unwritten diaries of people who will eventually suffer the same corruption .. Government would be if they, and their voices will ntrashin equally across offices to kompesuar sense of inferiority. Zallahia and uncertainty of life will be equally nderen in the atmosphere, mixed with pollution in the streets and the lack of civilization rebel .. All this is not difficult to konstatosh! Albanians are not naive enough to dance as a rritmit the perforated drum, believing in the magic of rutinës... that promises the end of the transition.

Because the transition has not completed. Perhaps this transition will begin to end on June 28!

Even the president of the republic, even kryeparlamentarja (the paprotokolluar as say), even our Prime Minister, (especially our Prime Minister), with euphoria, with candid communication with the talent Hemingueit, djersitën many emotions our citizens to attend a gala stubborn, that must necessarily enjoy, but which in fact had not "fishekzjare. In a way, whether one wants to hide inlacion national dignity, Albanian politicians appeared primitivisht again divided. More that this time, we are futemi under the same umbrella as a yard with two gates. Two representations, both happiness, two credit, two festivals, the release two days, two meetings, two... marëzi. Factious policy hipokrizinë demonstrates the success and the wrong course, while the opposite happens with the code of the human self, which not only joy, but also in disaster, people tighten hands..

But of course, there is something to be welcomed, and this is that even though small and insignificant, major powers seem to you we needed, at least geographically .. Melankolisë the vehemence of our Prime Minister, who, at least not this time ngjau as "the village daja" there probably has to do with this .. and not with the other, aware of the subordination and përulësinë kuritelane to a happiness that comes as the "successes" big government, so the attention of mëdhenjve for us in general and America in particular..

As for the Albanians, they must test the feeling of joy that should have definitely after the major holiday .. And they have the same fun of their leaders, this is true jubilation, flickering or extinguished in the embryo, which in the first gëlimet .. ... There really grandeur, or noise that happens is all facade of a facade, for electoral effects? Or is simply a fantasy of mature diablerie gjuajtësish votes of voters?

Perhaps! If the clean victory imposed dictatorship is not the image that promises electoral benefits, what could be?

Compared to Croatia, which conveyed smoothly ndodhinë, compared with krenarinë Croats, ours was not so, and has not been in such events when we're subjected to world authorities, with mitizuar as anywhere, they servilisht, and here I want to bring attention to the expectations of spectacular Becker, of Bush, and recently the unbridled optimism and happiness inferior to NATO membership .. (Translation 80% - by google)

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